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Most Popular Language Software Training Course (PC/MAC)

Real Rosetta Stone - London Museum

Rosetta Stone Software is one of the most popular language training courses on the market. The picture to the left is of the Real Rosetta Stone in the London Museum.

One of the reasons for this popularity is that it can help you to learn a new language very quickly. The Rosetta Stone program works largely by repetition, you keep repeating things until you get it right. In the early stages this means you are going to be repeating things a lot.

In the beginning you will build your vocabulary by being shown four pictures with a voice that keeps repeating the word that describes one of the pictures, you have to pick out the right one before you are allowed to move on. Most people find this to be quite tedious but it is an effective way to learn vocabulary.

The next level of the program involves basic sentences. At this stage you will hear a voice speaking a sentence and you will have to type the sentence, again you will not be able to move on to the next question until you get the one that you are working on right. As you progress the sentences will get more complex. Eventually you will find that you are typing out whole paragraphs.

The Rosetta Stone program works by completely immersing you in the language that you are trying to learn, this can be a very effective way to learn the basics of the language. It is designed to help you quickly reach the point where you can function at a basic level in a new language, this makes it ideal for travelers.

The Best Time To Learn A Second Language

The best time to learn a second language is when you are a child, kids pick up new languages very quickly. That being said not a lot of them are interested in sitting through a series of lengthy lessons. This is why the Rosetta Stone program is such a good option for kids, it is by far the fastest way to learn a new language.

The reason that Rosetta Stone works so well for children is that it is a program that is designed around the way that children learn to speak in the first place. This incidentally is why it also works so well for adults.

Little Boy Learning Language - Rosetta Stone Software

The program does not use any English as part of the instruction, instead it immerses them completely in their new language. This helps children to build up a facility for the language in a natural way rather than by having to translate it back to English like most programs teach.

In the early stages of the Rosetta Stone program children are shown pictures and then the word that describes the item in the picture is repeated several times. This is exactly how babies first learn to speak, they are shown an item and its name is repeated.

Children will pick up their new vocabulary very quickly in this way. It also teaches them to think in the new language rather than having to translate things back to English which will make it much easier for them when they move on to conversations.

Once a decent sized vocabulary has been built up the next step in the process is to start turning those words into sentences. At this point the focus is on simple sentences with little attention paid to proper grammar. This is actually something that will remain true throughout the Rosetta Stone program, the focus is on being able to carry on conversations not on developing perfect grammar.

After a while your child will be able to form enough sentences that they will be able to carry on a conversation. This is where Rosetta Stone really differs from other online programs, it offers a real person that they can talk to.

The program includes lessons with a live instructor so that they will have the chance to develop their conversation skills. At this point the kids should be proficient enough to get by in their new language or to move onto more advanced study.

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